I suppose there's no time like the present to break from a multiple year absence of writing about food on the internet. Hi, everybody!  Specifically, there's no time like being on a layover at LAX and listening to the other people in this somewhat empty terminal enjoy video experiences on their phones without the pesky use of headphones. Cancelled flight be damned, I'm patiently on my way to NYC’s JFK airport eventually, which means I will be eating bagels schmeared high with whipped tofu cream cheese, eventually. I've already found myself being a bit more….vibrant and direct...in terms of interpersonal communications recently, which is my way of saying that my accent and home state 'tude are preparing to emerge. It’s already like I’m around my siblings! I typically return once a year, maybe more, maybe less, since I left a certain island for college over a decade-and-a-half-ago. It IS New York freaking City, after-all, and my sister and brother do live within the fives boroughs.

Prior to this very cross-country return on my own, my partner and I stayed in Bushwick, Brooklyn for a week-and-a-half back in November 2017. It was a case of airline bonus miles, the logic of returning from Western Europe via the East Coast, the pull of family and the Big freaking Apple after returning from a ridiculously good* fives week ‘abroad’ that led to some family time, cat-sitting, pizza, falafel, coffee, and bagels. And more bagels. Oh, and an actual morning spent together as a family on a traditional holiday.

Now that I mention it, as a native New Yorker, I perpetually feel compelled to say that I've never had a bagel that compares to the glory of NYC's (or Bagel Boss in Bay Shore), and I rarely have falafel as crunchy and flavorful as the ones I've enjoyed in the City.  I'm getting older and jaded, naturally (which also means cheaper, on top of obsessively cooking my own food with produce from our own garden, which I'll mention for even more dramatic emphasis), so I can roll my eyes and avoid some of the newer fancy-pants spots that have opened in recent years – even most of the ones I've adventured out to try – 'cause there is only so much of a gigantic made-for-insta sandwich that can fit into my small mouth. Dear hype: You usually stink and over the top food isn't my scene these days.

So, if you've read this far, it's hopefully sinking in that you're not about to receive an epic "must eats" lists. You’re gonna have the choice to scroll through my totally subjective, ‘chose to eat’ list and even some stuff I cooked. It’s all influenced by growing up in New York, my partner's tastebuds/cravings/interest, the company and patience of my siblings, sporadic homemade meals with my niece and neph-animals, where I've lived my adult life, and the weather. Look, we averaged roughly two veggie burgers per day in Europe for two whole weeks and I had my full; plus, hot Thai curries after some intense dental work, galore. Those are both potentially stories and long-delayed podcasts for another day. Perhaps....

And might I add, before you maybe sorta even ask, I'm from The PPK school of veganism (aka RIP to the best forums eva) and spent my twenties learning to cook by testing recipes for certain cookbooks, so yeah, WE STARTED WITH MODERN LOVE BROOKLYN. 

Yadda yadda yadda, I’ll get to the pictures from my handheld phone and words from my brain and stomach to document that autumnal visit.

*uh, I'll clarify that ridiculously good, multi-week and multi-continental travel really means intense/exhausting/exhilarating/fascinating/savings-devouring-but-personally-enriching, and so on

P.S. True to retired blogger form, I've since returned and almost recovered from an intense bout of strep throat and mind (and throat) boggling laryngitis that had me more in my own head than ever.

Please enjoy the following anthem as a token of my appreciation for you for reading all of the words and looking at pictures: