Seeking Vegan Chalk Artist for June 22nd!!

You never know until you ask on the internet, right? Right!! It’s been proven, time and time again. Case in point, everything that happens on NextDoor, sheesh.

To the actual point! As you may have noticed by now, our Vegan Iron Chef crew are gearing up for our summertime event fundraiser on June 22nd…the vegan pop-up-palooza, if you will…”POP-UP PARTY!!”.

This new event, which raises funds for the fateful return of our nonprofit’s name-sake LIVE cook-off AND our friends at Green Acres Farm Sanctuary, is our very first at Lagunitas Community Room, and we’re stoked about this space for a bunch of reasons:

greyscale owl graphic by jules

greyscale owl graphic by jules

  1. Okay, primarily that it’s a FREE rental space for nonprofit (outside of fees & permits & planning time, for the record)

  2. The event staff has been super duper professional and responsive!

  3. It’s spacious, accessible, and sensible, with massive picnic tables and a cozy lounge area. Sweet.

  4. The beer!!!! Mmm, microbrew. And yup, all our beer that day is totally confirmed vegan.

  5. The venue is super conveniently located the very start of NE Broadway, which means it’s on a bunch of Trimet lines – including the MAX, bus & Portland Streetcar

  6. And just one more quick thing….there’s a chalk wall ready for action!

So, we’re officially seeking a chalk artist who can get down with an approximately 4x4 foot or 5x5 foot centerpiece on the chalk wall that features the phrase “POP-UP PARTY” and “(presented by) VEGAN IRON CHEF” in there somewhere.

Something like that! This piece can totally be inspired by our existing graphics on this post, or not! We really just want some cool color and our name on it somewhere.

Set-up/design time would be 12pm-2:30pm, and the chalk/chalk pens would need be erased following the event (which, we can totally do, even if it will break out hearts, but the point is these need to be erase-able drawing materials that you ideally bring yourself).

You receive full credit (of course!) and we’re sure there will be plenty of photos taken! We will also encourage our attendees to add their names & favorite vegan slogans or veggies or whatnot around the rest of the wall, what the hey. Email us to discuss $$$ or as a donation-based offering to our 501(c)(3) <3

Interested? Know someone? Point them out way!

Email ASAP or send us a message on Insta, @veganironchef