Pop-Up Party! Vendor Spotlight - Chilango!

The next vendor Q&A spotlight for the Pop-Up Party! is Chilango! Chilango serves up authentic Mexico City Street Food! Yum!


Here is what Vanessa had to say about her vision for Chilango and what we can expect at the Pop-Up Party:

What’s the story with your pop-up/business? What inspired you?

Chilango is the sum of my values paired with the love of my culture and the food. I value animals, the environment, and social justice.

Where do you see this going? What’s the dream?

My dream is to be able to serve delicious vegan food with quality ingredients while supporting new and local businesses. I want to grow Chilango to be able to help my community with more resources.

Where do you like to go out to eat in the Portland area these days?

The Bye & Bye and Back to Eden

So, what are you planning to make for June 22nd’s “Pop-Up Party!” crowd?!

Tamales, Esquites, Pastel Tres con Leches, and Arroz con Leche.

We are super excited to have Chilago at our Pop-Up Party!! Check them out on social media:
Instagram: @ chilangoPDX

Don’t forget to grab your ticket for the Pop-Up Party! today and stay tuned for the next vendor Q&A.